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Art Reproductions

Sarah Hardy is a Melbourne based illustrator creating whimsical drawings for children's books as well as limited edition prints.
19 Oct, 2016

Angie is a freelance illustrator that also runs her own boutique-style fashion illustration classes.
01 Mar, 2016

A talented Melbourne based visual artist that draws inspiration from 70's and 80's sci-fi book covers.
08 Feb, 2016

Matt R Martin is a talented Melbourne based painter that has remarkable photo-realistic skills.
27 Nov, 2015

Amy is a visual artist who uses a combination of intricate pencil detail and collage to create her whimsical little animal illustrations.
29 May, 2015

Jacqui is a visual artist who creates original abstract art and limited edition fine art prints.
31 Mar, 2015

Kim Buck is a Melbourne Based Visual Artist who creates incredible photo-realistic sketches
04 Feb, 2015

Jeremy Geddes is a fabulously talented Melbourne painter, most well known for his signature Cosmonaut images.
03 Dec, 2014

Inaluxe is the Melbourne based visual art duo - Kristina and Jason, who take inspiration from their amazing surroundings in the Grampians
19 Sep, 2012

Explaining the process and work of Illustrator Emma Leonard.
05 Sep, 2012