Statement on COVID-19 & Image Science

27th March 2020

UPDATE: 27/3/2020

We're definitely still open!

HOWEVER WE ARE ONLY OPEN FOR ONLINE ORDERS, as per government recommendations.

Please do not physically visit our studio at this time.  


To be clear, and we mean this in the nicest possible way, but this this really does not mean send us a message saying 'if I stand outside and put my stuff down and you come and get it, is that ok?'.

The point of all this is not only to keep you, and Image Science staff, safe at the personal level; rather it is to do our small part to encourage, right up to the society level, a general and massive reduction in the number of people unnecessarily moving around the city

The end result of customers visiting our office and standing outside is in fact not at all the same as us allowing only a very limited number of post/couriers to visit - in the latter case, we might see a total of just 2 or 3 people coming past per day.  If we allow the former case, then some 20+ people a day are circulating more than they really need to be.   Also, with contact transmission a real possibility, there is nothing that magically disinfects a parcel left on a doorstep for a few seconds.  The post/courier folks are using gloves, masks, and sanitising extensively at every stop.  

We of course understand your film & artworks are very, very precious - but we have received such things via post and courier, numbering in the tens of thousands, across 15 years...without a single case of loss.  Please pack well and use a tracked service, and everything will be fine.  

Please contact us via phone/email if you have any enquiries or need support.

Sending love & hope to you all during this crazy time! 

Be safe & be kind....but be physically distant, too!

Hi Folks

We are living through some very scary times, that's for sure.  More than enough has been said about it all by people who know much more about it than we do - all we can add is that we sincerely hope all our lovely friends & colleagues will stay safe and healthy. 

Here at Image Science, we're focussing on the day to day, trying to avoid too much news and social, and just looking out for each other.

Image Science are a family run, very small business - right now we're just 4 people.   There is me (Jeremy), and my wife Amy (working from home currently as our daughter's schools are closed) - plus Laura managing a lot of the office/retail/marketing, and Cam, managing all our services. 

The #1 goal here is simply to keep things running as much as we can - to keep everyone safe and employed so we come out of the other side of this as best we can. 

Open For Business!

Our main message is that we remain open for ONLINE business.

We'd very much like you to use our web site and online contact methods instead of coming in to the office.

You can easily order ALL our products and services online.   

We've been doing most things online for years.  Our website is battle tested, calculates all your costs up front, and we have very well established processes for handling online orders - we achieve a near 100% success rate with safely getting people their stuff.
(And if there ever are issues, we put them right quickly, of course!).

If you have any trouble or simply prefer not to order online - 03 9329 4522 will get a real, helpful human on the phone.

How Can You Help?

So many of our lovely customers have contacted us to ask how they can help us.  

As a very small business, dependent almost solely on other small, creative businesses - it's a scary time for all of us.  But the only way through this is to keep going - if more at a distance than usual.  We all need to keep living and creating and doing all the things we normally we do, just as safely and cleanly as we can.  If we all just stop, things will be much worse than if we all just keep going, albeit in changed ways.

So the best thing you can do to help us it to just to keep ordering online, as normally as possible - and already we're seeing a number of initiatives around keeping creatives working.  

Freight and logistics are considered essential services so stock will be coming in and orders will be going out.

For product orders - if you have stock concerns - and there are shortages - just give us a ring and we can let you know what's available, or what is a good alternative, or how long the wait might be (quite a lot of stuck is due early April).

For Service orders - we're keeping our online order forms as up to date as we can.  Any issues and we'll be in touch to discuss alternatives.  There's still plenty of beautiful paper on the shelves, ready for your lovely works!

Of course, everyone is stressed.   But kindness will go a long way to alleviating that stress - so we ask you to be kind to yourselves, kind to others, and kind to us at Image Science.  We'll be doing everything we can to keep our end of things running smoothly but if there are delays with stocks or whatever, please do recognise we're doing our best each and every day.

Project Work & Other Things

Almost everyone has a bit of extra home time right now - so it's a great time to think about those longer term projects you haven't been getting around to:

  • Shoe boxes full of un-scanned film you finally want to tackle, for example.
  • Exhibition planning and test printing. (You might not want to exhibit right now, of course! ....But getting it all planned out puts you in a great spot once people start going out again!)
  • Print fund-raisers for the vulnerable
  • Make a positive artwork, a happy moment, and share prints with your family and friends. Those little sparks of joy will keep us all going!
  • Get your colour management sorted - have some custom profiles made. They really do make a difference.

Let us know and will help any way we can. We're happy to quote on larger jobs and we're definitely open to offering some discounts.

It's going to be a difficult time, economically, for all of us. That much is super clear.

We completely understand if you simply can't place orders at the moment.

Other, free ways you can help us, if you would like to - are things like Google & Facebook reviews. 

Those have a bit impact on a small business like ours - so if ever you've appreciated a speedy turnaround, a lovely print, a knowledgebase article, or some in depth technical support - or really any of the industry support we've provided over more than 17 years now - there's nothing like a morale and business boosting positive review coming through.

And/or spreading the word with your friends/families/colleagues - if they're looking for any of the things we do here - almost all our business over the years has come from word of mouth.

We're happy to help - and we work with complete beginners, as well as top professionals, all the time.

Basic Precautions

We're doing everything we can, same as everyone else - increased cleaning, nearly OCD levels of hand washing, and just generally avoiding unnecessary mixing and contact (we won't be shaking any hands for a while - sorry!).

We simply ask that you follow the best advice here - please order & contact us using online/phone methods

Our response times (always good!) have never been better - we're ready to get back to any of your enquiries very don't hesitate to ask!