PLEASE READ → WE'RE OPEN → but if at all possible, please use mail order.
(Due to the July 4th announcement that North Melbourne 3051 is now back on lockdown).

Statement on COVID-19 & Image Science

4th July 2020 Image Science News

UPDATE:  July 4th 2020

We're Open & Working, but we request if at all possible, please use Mail Order.

Whilst technically we are still allowed to stay open, people are not supposed to enter North Melbourne, except for genuinely essential services. 

We would like to play our part in getting past this awful period, and thus we are very strongly discouraging any visits except where absolutely necessary.  Please use postal/courier services where-ever possible (and note that throughput seems to have improved greatly in the last few weeks - we're not seeing the delays we were seeing a month or two ago).

If you must visit, call us from outside our office - and we will come out to meet you for a quick drop-off or pick up.  Include a sheet with your contact details and we can then conduct consultations over the phone. 

To be clear, for the safety of Image Science staff, please do NOT enter our building.

For those of you who have pick-up orders & jobs in with us currently, we'll be in touch about shipping arrangements early next week.