PLEASE CLICK TO READ → YES, WE'LL BE OPEN during STAGE 4 → but Online / Mail-Order only
(I.e. we're no longer offering any in person drop-offs or pick-ups until further notice).

Current Statement on COVID-19 & Image Science

23rd August 2020 Image Science News

LATEST UPDATE:  August 5th 2020 - Stage 4 Restrictions.

We're continue to be open & working/processing all online orders, but we're moving to online/post ONLY mode - i.e. you MUST use Mail Order.  

No in-person drop-offs or pick-ups are allowed, for orders made from 5/8/2020 until further notice. 

We strongly believe encouraging the absolute minimisation of movement around the city is simply the best and quickest way through this crisis.

Whilst technically we could allow so-called 'contact-less' operations, in practise with the valuable and sensitive things we offer, that isn't really that feasible in practise.  

(If you have an existing pick-up order here now, or due to arrive, please contact us to arrange shipping.  Alternatively we can keep good care of your items here until such a time as we're able to open for in-person visits, but be aware this will be mid-September at the very earliest).