Please note this week (April 24 to 30 2017) - due to annual maintenance, service turnarounds will be slower than normal.

Service Turnarounds April 24th to 30th 2017 Will Be Disrupted

18th April 2017 Image Science News

Next week (April 24 to April 30th) - will be a week of disruptions at Image Science. 

We are of course shut for the Anzac day public holiday on Tuesday, and on Thursday and Friday we're performing annual machine maintenance.

Please note this means that turnarounds for services that arrive here during that week will be delayed by up to 3 days over our normal timeframes (listed below).


Current estimates for normal sized jobs only. Full info here.

  • Printing: 3-4 days
  • Scanning: 2-5 days
  • Art Reproduction: 4 days
  • ICC Profiling: 1 day