Half Price Custom Printer Profiles

2nd April 2019 Product News

During April we have cut the price of all custom printer profiles by 50% so you can streamline your workflow from screen to print and create beautiful accurate prints!

Custom Printer Profiles are the last step in your colour accurate workflow and allow you to print images that look just as you see them on screen - no more time and money wasted reprinting! They are a software recipe for getting the best, most colour accurate output from your specific printer on a specific paper with a calibrated colour accurate monitor.

If you're still using 'stock' profiles from the paper makers - do yourself a favour and take your print quality up a notch by getting proper custom printer profiles, made specifically for your printer - these can really help with difficult print areas like deep shadows and increasing the neutrality of your neutral tones.

Custom Printer Profiles usually $50 - now only $25 until 30th April 2019.

SKU Price (inc) Qty.
Custom RBG Printer Profile Custom RBG Printer Profile
Custom Black and White Printer Profile Custom Black and White Printer Profile

Custom printer profiles are a three step process:

  1. Download the profile target and follow these easy step by step instructions to print on your selected paper.
  2. Send or drop off your target to us for processing. Once completed we will email your custom printer profile back to you ready to use.
  3. Install your custom printer profile by following these instructions and start printing!

More detailed information on our Custom Printer Profiles can be found on the page below. If you do have any questions just get in touch.

Terms & Conditions

  • Half price custom printer profile special is valid until 30th April 2019.
  • Profiles purchased during this special must be used within one year of their purchase date.