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Australia Post parcel services are running *very* slow right now....

27th September 2021 Image Science News

As with every other store offering delivery in Australia right now, we're seeing very significant blow-outs to delivery times, particularly with Standard Post services.  But even Express and Courier services are running distinctly slower than normal.

In short, because of all the lockdowns, freight services are busier than Christmas, and substantially so. 

We strongly recommend you choose Express Post if you're at all in a hurry for your goods. 

Express Post is still typically arriving within a few days, at most a week or so - but we're seeing some Standard Post goods taking 2 to 3 weeks - even between capital cities.  


We have also been advised that Australia Post are not currently scanning parcels as frequently as normal during the parcel journey

This means that you will get fewer notifications, and that it may appear that  parcels seem to be 'stuck in the system' - often for several days - without visible progress.

It seems currently there are events when we book the shipment and when we deliver the days' parcels to Aus. Post., then nothing much further until the parcels reach the distribution centre, or even until they are on board for delivery.

Unfortunately we don't get any more information than you can see for yourself via your tracking number, and we have found it is pointless to call Aus. Post about your parcel if it is anything less than a full 10 business days (and even then the message is usually just to continue waiting). 

Unfortunately, during these exceptional times, we all just have to be patient!  Thank you for bearing with us!